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Our goal is to help Canadian law students publish their ideas and promote discussion amongst their peers. There are two primary ways to contribute to Chambers: by submitting an article of your own or by commenting on articles already published.


Submission of Articles

We welcome editorials, case commentaries, or notes from Canadian law students and recent graduates. Submissions are anonymously reviewed to ensure a sufficient quality of writing and that citations are provided where needed. Articles should be approximately 250 and 1250 words. To make a submission, please email with your request. We aim to post submissions within one week.


Comment on Articles

We welcome comments by Canadian law students on articles. Comments can be made anonymously at the bottom of every article. Please provide sources to support any claims you make in a comment.


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Chambers is published by the Western Journal of Legal Studies, which is run entirely by Western Law students with the support of Western Law faculty. The Western Journal of Legal Studies recruits Staff Editors twice yearly (in September and March) and recruits Managing Editors, a Deputy Editor-in-Chief, and an Editor-in-Chief once yearly (in March). All positions require a resume followed by a written test.


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If you have any questions or wish to make a contribution in support of our goal, please contact the Western Journal of Legal Studies Editor-in-Chief at or

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